● Light weight:  

With the innovation of core technology, Alucosun lattice panel has only 4.3kg/m2 weight which      is lighter than other materials with  the same rigidity. It saves cost in transportation and labor.


● Fireproof performance:    

This structure assures the panel of non-combustibility and makes it more reliable and popular      in all façade applications, especially in EU(EN13501-1),USA (NFPA285), UK (BS 476-4 standard)    and Australia (AS1530.1 standard) where there is a higher requirement  and demand on fire      retardancy.


● Formability:    

Aluminium lattice panel aluminium core is convenient to be cut and grooved and less wearing    on routers. Therefore, it saves your budget and time. It takes on many different shapes and its    perfect formability does not affect its stability or flatness.


● Environment friendly:    

Being a member of our earth, we have the responsibility to protect our homeland. Our    corrugated aluminium core of Alucosun A2 panel is 100% recyclable. Also there is no pollution    during the production and application.